CenSeam Science

Over the life span of CenSeam (2005-2010) we have facilitated a variety of seamount research endeavours and worked towards connecting, focusing, and collating the efforts of many international researchers. We have contributed to a substantial reduction in the unknown’s of seamount biodiversity, and many significant advances towards a global understanding of seamount ecosystems. Throughout the life of CenSeam several hundred seamount papers were published. CenSeam also facilitated some larger collaborative publication endeavours.

Two groups, the Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG), and the Standardization Working Group (SWG) were formed early on in the project (2005). The DAWG identified gaps in the current knowledge of seamounts, and undertook and provided guidance for the analysis of existing data. The SWG developed recommendations for standard sampling and data reporting practices.

Mini-grants were also available throughout the life of the programme to fund activities that furthered any of CenSeam’s key programmatic goals.